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  • Discover new and useful author resources. If you are in the market for an editor, book cover designer, publisher or promotion expert you should find relevant links here.

    Kindle Direct Publishing
    Publish your books independently with Kindle Direct Publishing on the Amazon Kindle Store. Here's how you benefit:
    Keep control. Make changes to your book at any time.
    Distribute globally. Publish once and reach readers worldwide.
    Get to market fast. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes. Your book appears on Amazon within 24 hours.

    FOR AUTHORS, PUBLISHERS AND LITERARY AGENTS, Smashwords offers the fastest and easiest option for distributing an ebook to the world's largest ebook retailers. We provide free tools for marketing, distribution, metadata management and sales reporting. At Smashwords, our authors and publishers have complete control over the sampling, pricing and marketing of their written works. Smashwords is ideal for publishing novels, short fiction, poetry, personal memoirs, monographs, non-fiction, research reports, essays, or other written forms that haven’t even been invented yet.


    Absolute Write Water Cooler
    writers forum: Active message board for writers, covering all aspects of the craft and business of writing.
    Members + 30 000 many very experienced in writing and publishing.

    Why join Writing.Com?
    Free online writing portfolio,
    Easy way to share your work,
    Countless contests and activities,
    Numerous writing tools,
    Full email services,
    Meet and bond with fresh, creative minds just like you!
    It's crazy how much you get for free here! Join Writing.Com and you'll see!
    1,073,652 members have already signed up and created over 1,870,939 portfolio items.

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    Xpresso Book Tours
    Xpresso Book Tours focuses on Young Adult & New Adult tours in all genres of both pre-release and post-release books. Everything is organized for you, your job being simply providing review copies, mailing giveaway prizes when applicable, and writing guest posts/interviews assigned.

    blog_tours book_promotion general_resource

    Itching For Books
    Hosting Blog Tours and Author Promotions.

    Welcome to Itching For Books blog, where you'll find all sorts of book related stuff. If you're an avid reader like myself, then you're certain to enjoy this site and all its offerings. So, let's join together in this diverse book community and share interests that might not be understandable to those on the outside.
    blog_tours review_site book_promotion

    A P Watt
    Oldest Literary Agent still operating.
    literary_agent digital_publisher general_resource

    Largest Talent Agency Worldwide.
    literary_agent digital_publisher general_resource

    Library Journal
    Library Journal is the most trusted and respected publication for the library community. Built on more than a century of quality journalism and reviews, LJ provides groundbreaking features and analytical news reports covering technology, management, policy and other professional concerns to public, academic and institutional libraries. Our hefty reviews sections evaluate 8000+ reviews annually of books, ebooks, audiobooks, videos/DVDs, databases, systems and websites. Our team of library and literary experts communicate with our audience through print, digital and live content and continuously strive to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving world of libraries.
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    Nelsons Literary Agency
    Kristin Nelson is President and owner of Nelson Literary Agency, LLC. She founded her agency in 2002, right on the cusp of traditional publishing morphing to digital, and the following year became known as “that agent sporting some newfangled tablet PC thing” while visiting editors in New York. In 2004, her agency went completely paperless much to the astonishment of her fellow agents. She also started blogging in 2006 along with only four or five other intrepid agent early adopters, and Pub Rants is still active today. She is probably one of the first literary agents to hire a full-time software engineer as an employee to run NLA Digital for clients looking to digitally self-publish. NLA is always evolving to keep stride with changes in the industry, and because of that, Kristin is often a popular speaker at conferences such as Digital Book World.
    literary_agent book_promotion general_resource

    First, the author pitches an idea

    Unbound allows you to listen to authors' ideas for what they'd like to write before they even start. If you like their idea, you can pledge to support it. If we hit the target number of supporters, the author can go ahead and start writing.

    If you like it you can make a pledge

    There are several levels of support, each with different rewards. The higher your pledge, the greater the rewards you'll receive, from your name in the back of the book to lunch with the author.

    From there, you stay up to date

    As soon as you make a pledge to support an Unbound project you gain access to the author's private area, or 'shed'. Here you can get updates on the book's progress.

    And then you get the book

    After the book is written, designed, edited and printed, we send it to you, either as an ebook or a limited edition hardback or paperback.
    For the first time, you will be able to hold in your hands a book that wouldn't have existed without you.
    book_promotion crowdfunding_platform online_community

    Curtis Brown
    Multiple Genre Literary Agency based in the UK.
    literary_agent writers_advice general_resource

    Accept unsolicited submissions online. Home to some of the worlds most talented and celebrated authors.
    literary_agent general_resource writers_advice

    Peter Fraser and Dunlop
    Accepts unsolicited Adult fiction and non-fiction
    literary_agent general_resource book_promotion